Monday, October 19, 2009

For critiques, students must establish their own PICASA or PHOTOBUCKET gallery. However, that location must be linked to this blog (via Student Portfolio Links below) so their work can easily be accessed during critiques.

FALL 2010 (enter name and url below):

1. Noura Mahmoud Abdel Ghany

2. Ahmed Gamal Abdel Hady

3. Rachel Beth Anserson

4. Veasey Joseph Conway

5. Nour Tarek Elkolaly

6. Nader Hassan El Saeed

7. Preston Grant Hartwick

8. Hend Ahmed Mohamed Hassan

9. Mohamed Helal El Sayed Helal

10. Ahmed Mohsen Ibrahim

11. Ahmed Mohamed Kadry

12. Reem Samy Mohamed Metwaly

13. Sandy Said Mohamed

14. Amina Awni Ali Youssef Nasr

15. Samar Tarek Negida

16. Anwar Kamal Okasha

17. Samar Mohamed Raouf Ragheb

18. Muzammil Sufi




DSLR Tutorials:

Digital Photo School:

VIRTUAL LEARNING VIDEOS: "Practical Approaches to Mastering Photo Shop and In Design" (c) by Mohamed Ahmed.


There is Wimba Live Classroom documentation with detailed explanation and screen captures for both students and faculty at to give you extra support.

The ALI department has made some video clips to show their faculty and students how to use Wimba and are willing to share them with AUC community:

Part 1: shows how to build your Wimba from your Blackboard account

Part 3: shows how to conduct the virtual classroom via Wimba

Part 4: shows the students how use Wimba classroom

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